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Monthly Archives: June 2022

    Fun and Healthy D.I.Y Treats

    By Linda Hussey | June 8, 2022

    Anyone that knows me knows that I love animals. I am that person that will stop in the middle of a sentence if I see a cute critter. Just ask my friend and colleague Teri Takata who recently admitted to me that she will purposely steer me in the opposite direction of an animal if she happens... Read More

    Moving to Hawai’i with Your Pets.

    By Linda Hussey | June 7, 2022

    It has been 16 years since we moved to Hawai’i from Maine with our sweet English Bulldog, Sadie. In case the photo does not fully depict her displeasure in having to fly from Maine let me assure you, in true Bulldog style, she held a grudge. The original rabies quarantine program was established in 1912... Read More